Summer is here! The sun is shining, you’ve thoroughly applied sunscreen (or spray tan) from your nose to toes, and you’re ready to hit the beach for some summer fun. But if the long and lonely winter has left your hairstyle feeling just a little too dried out, you’re not alone. Now may be just the right time to try on a hot, new look to go with this sweltering summer season.

If you’re not sure which new hairstyle to try on for this season’s fresh cut, don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of trending summer styles for 2022. While we can’t promise that all of these styles will stand up to Miami beach balm, we do think they can help you keep your cool wherever your summer adventures take you.


Summer Style #1:
The Lob

A favorite look that always has a resurgence during the hot, summer months, a lob is a “long bob.” It’s a short (but not-too-short) cut that grazes the tops of your shoulders. It’s the haircut for someone who wants the benefits of a cute, short cut while still having enough length to try different styles and simple updos. It’s a classic for a reason as it offers versatility and looks good on anyone and everyone.

Summer Style #2:
All the 90’s Layers

The 90’s have been making a big comeback over the past couple of years, and this season is no different. This summer, the iconic 90’s layered look is back (think the Rachel) and better than ever. The best thing about this trend is that it can look great with almost any length of hair. So whether your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, this trend is perfect to freshen up your look!

Summer Style #3:
Wolf Cut

Made popular by TikTok, this look is a modern take on the mullet (yes, you read that right). The wolf cut features layers perfect for the summer heat and fringe to add a little something extra. If a lob is too boring but you love a layered look, going for the wolf cut this summer is a bold way to stand out and stay on trend! The best part? As you can see on TikTok, this look is super easy to recreate on yourself at home! All you need are two or three ponytails, a pair of scissors, and a bit of courage to make the chop.

Summer Style #4:
Pixie Cut

A classic, yet versatile look we can always count on is the pixie cut. Perfect for keeping cool during heat waves, pixie cuts are surprisingly easy to make your own. Whether you want to go for a look with a bit more length, one with choppy layers, or a sleek, defined shape, it’s not hard to pick a style of pixie cut that allows you to express yourself.

Party on, rockstar!

Summer Style #7:
The Mixie

What is a mixie? It’s one of the most recent 2022 summer trends. A mixie is a “mullet-pixie.” It combines the shape of a mullet with the length of a pixie cut. Giving a retro-look with a modern spin, a mixie is perfect if you want to make a statement while still keeping your hair off of your shoulders during the heat. These cuts look good on straight, curly, or coily hair and allow for lots of layers even though there’s not as much length as a classic mullet or a wolf cut.

Summer Style #7:

Face-Framing Layers

Another 90’s inspired trend are layers that frame your face, giving you a soft look with a slightly retro feel. Face-framing layers are perfect for the summer, keeping you feeling and looking cool! The best part about face-framing layers is that they’re so versatile. Just like the 90’s layers, face-framing layers can be done on shorter, longer, or medium-length hair. You can pair them with regular bangs, curtain bangs, or no bangs at all. They’re a great way to add something fun to whatever styles you already love.

Summer Style #8:

Bob Cut

Finally, another trending classic is the bob cut. Bobs are cute, keep you from feeling too hot in the summer, and can look good on so many different face shapes and hair textures. Think bobs are too boring to fit in with the bold looks that are popular this summer? Think again! There are so many new takes on a bob that it’s impossible to not find a style that you love. You can get a blunt, sleek cut. Or, you can try something fun by adding messy, shaggy layers reminiscent of the trending wolf and mixie cuts! If you want something even more creative, try a 70’s-inspired shag! The possibilities are endless!

Still feeling a little summer shy?

With so many different kinds of cuts gaining popularity this summer, it can be hard to know which one to pick! Not sure whether a pixie cut or a bob will suit you best? Should you go for a sleek look with a blunt cut? If you can’t make up your mind, RE/STYLE is here to help!

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