Hairstyles have been used as a means of self-expression for millennia. From the invention of braids to hairsprays, bleaches, and specialized hair care products, humans have trimmed, dyed, and decorated the hair on top of their heads as ways to show the world exactly who they are.

Unlike with makeup or clothing however, making dramatic changes to our hair can be expensive, time-consuming, and even downright scary! While the hair on top of our heads usually grows back (praise be my bangs), for the modern woman, changes to hair are semi-permanent and that’s a problem if your big date or job interview is tomorrow.

This is why we created RE/STYLE!

The latest in hair transfer technology powered by AI

Freshly cut and styled on the App store, RE/STYLE makes trying on new hairstyles easy, quick, and fun. Simply download the app for free on the Apple app store (now available on Google Play), snap a “selfie” and select a few different hairstyles that you’d like to virtually “try-on”. The real beauty behind the RE/STYLE app is that it’s powered by artificial intelligence (“AI”) which queries a growing dataset called the “Hair Genome™” (catalog of hairstyles) to generate a photo-realistic image of what you would look like with your selected style!

What hairstyle have you been dreaming about?

Now you can cut out all the guesswork in figuring out if you really should go blonde, or if dyeing your hair will actually help your eyes “pop”. Let RE/STYLE do all the hard work for you so all you have to do is have fun with your hair!

Try on different hairstyles!

Snap a selfie with your hair pulled back in good lighting, and then you’ll be taken to the Hair Genome page where you can select styles to try on from a number of different options! In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to see all of your new hair looks in the Results page. Like what you see? You can share your new styles with your friends!

Morph the styles you picked!

One of RE/STYLE’s most exciting features is the Morph tool. Pick three of your favorite results and watch as they are transformed into a video. With the Morph tool, the possibilities are endless. You can see exactly what you would look like as you’re growing out bangs. Or, you can watch your hair change color! Use the scrubber to explore all of the different styles that the video creates.

Edit your current style!

 Want to see what your current style would look like with a few changes? Use the Edit Hairstyle tool! From there, you can add more volume to your hair. Or, you can try on a different hair color. The Edit Hairstyle tool is perfect when you don’t want a whole new look, but you do want something new to spice up your current look!

Found a new look but still not ready to commit?

Not to worry! Share your new hair designs with friends to see which colors and styles work best on you. When you’re ready, you can even take your personalized styles into the salon!

At RE/STYLE, we believe we’re always finding ourselves and exploring new looks should be fun and easy. Download the app today to help you and your stylist make better, more educated decisions on how to get the hair of your dreams.